Top 3-Person Hot Tubs To Embrace Serenity & Create Memories

Are you looking for a way to bring intimate relaxation to your backyard?

3-person hot tubs are the perfect way to turn up the heat on your time at home, whether you’re trying to reimagine your self-care routine, or want to reignite your next date night.

But which one should you buy?

This can depend on a few elements, from the layout of your backyard to the overall cost of the model.

Caldera Spas®️ has become a household name in the hot tub industry, with high-quality models packed with powerful technology and designed with comfort in mind.

Below, we’re diving into the many benefits of 3-person hot tubs, and exploring four stunning Caldera Spas®️ models alongside some privacy solutions to bring your new oasis together!

Benefits of 3-Person Hot Tubs

3-person hot tubs offer some unique benefits that larger models simply can’t, which is why they’ve become a popular choice for many.

Here are some of the advantages of smaller hot tubs.

Saves Space

This is perhaps one of the most obvious benefits when it comes to 3-person hot tubs.

While larger hot tubs may have certain appealing features, they require ample space in our backyard.

Due to their compact size, they’re able to fit into smaller spaces without leaving them feeling crowded.

This ensures quality hydrotherapy isn’t restricted to those with spacious backyards.

Various Installation Options

If you’ve thought about installing your hot tub indoors, such as in a sunroom, small hot tubs can bring that vision into reality.

Sure, larger models can be installed indoors, but due to their size, you may not be able to get them into a pre-existing room.

3-person hot tubs, however, are easier to accommodate, especially if you have a double-door access point into the room you plan to add it to.

Indoor hot tubs have a certain appeal, adding significant privacy to your time in the water, and keeping your spa protected from the elements.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Quality hot tubs often have advanced systems to improve their energy efficiency, but the size of your model also plays a role in how expensive it is to run each month.

Smaller hot tubs have less water to heat and filter, reducing the amount of work the system needs to do, therefore keeping energy bills to a minimum.

Flexible Use

3-person hot tubs are perfect for creating an intimate atmosphere to reconnect with your favorite person or even as a solo escape for a quiet moment of peace as you recharge.

However, due to the design of the seats in these models, they’re also perfect for sharing with your closest friends and family, carrying on captivating conversations, or relaxing in silence.

These models can do it all.


The final advantage of these spas is a big one that’s made them particularly appealing to many.

The size of your hot tub plays a fairly significant role in its price, and small hot tubs offer the perfect way to claim the premium features you want at a friendlier price point.

This ensures you can take advantage of flexible pricing, finding the perfect mix of features and sizes to best meet your budget.

Woman Sitting Under The Water In A 3-Person Hot Tub

Key Features of Caldera Spas®️ Hot Tubs

All Caldera Spas®️ models have been designed with the same three foundational elements leading the way to a premium hydrotherapy experience:

  1. Comfort
  2. Design
  3. Performance

These elements work together to create a soothing experience that engages all your senses, all while ensuring your spa is easy to maintain and energy efficient.

Ergonomic Design

Caldera Spas®️ places a heavy focus on your comfort while in the water. The sculpted seats perfectly cradle your body to lift the weight from your joints while keeping you aligned with the jets for a premium hydromassage.

Along the bottom of many of their models, you find a textured Foot Ridge®️ that works in tandem to soothe weary feet while providing ample grip when you need it.

Advanced Hydrotherapy Jets

Jets are a focal point of any hot tub, transforming your experience with their placement and pressure levels.

Caldera Spas®️ wanted to create a powerful hydromassage experience, without impacting the quiet ambiance surrounding you.

They’ve done just that with the sound-dampening design, maximizing your relaxation so all you hear is the sounds of bubbling water.

Apart from their silence, each model includes a variety of jet patterns thoughtfully designed to target problem areas with just the right pressure.

Energy Efficiency

While there’s no avoiding the standard operational costs of a hot tub, Caldera Spas®️ has ensured they can be kept to a minimum, with a strict focus on quality and efficiency.

Each model includes FiberCor®️ insulation applied at a 2lb density, which makes it up to 4 times thicker than standard spa insulation.

This dense insulation ensures any heat from your shell is locked in and unable to escape through your cabinet, maintaining water temperatures and reducing the strain on your heater, especially during winter.

Stunning 3-Person Hot Tubs From Caldera Spas®️

One of the best parts of updating your home with a hot tub is exploring your options, so let’s get into it!

Aventine - 3-Person Hot Tub


The Aventine®️ model boasts a unique corner design to maximize the usable space in your backyard.

This model seamlessly tucks into a corner of your yard, keeping its footprint minimal while offering a spacious interior.

With side-by-side seating, you can enjoy a powerful hydromassage hand-in-hand with your partner, or settle into the Ultramassage®️ Seat to amp up your self-care routine.

Struggle with wrist pain from carpal tunnel syndrome?

The Ultramassage®️ Seat includes pinpointed jets to gently massage your wrists as you soak, combating pain and inflammation, while the other jets work to release tension from your shoulders and neck.

Celio - 3-Person Hot Tub


If you’re looking for a 3-person hot tub that includes lounge seating, the Celio™️ should be at the top of your list!

Not only does this model ensure your back and legs are treated to a soothing massage, but with its dual forward-facing seats, this spa is as good for sharing as it is a solo retreat!

This model was thoughtfully designed to give you complete control over the efficiency of your spa, having the capability to switch between 115V and 230V.

Additionally, with the optional Ozone System,  maintaining your water quality with fewer chemicals can be a breeze!

Kauai - 3-Person Hot Tub


This 3-person hot tub boasts a similar design as the model above, pairing a lounger alongside two forward-facing seats.

The Kauai®️ hot tub, however, has elevated your hydrotherapy experience with the UltraMassage®️ Lounge, outfitted with powerful jets to massage your feet, calves, back, and neck.

It also includes the EcstaSeat®️, targeting wrist pain while the larger muscles of your back are massaged into pure bliss.

With the FreshWater®️ Salt System, the Kauai®️ model will leave your skin feeling silky smooth after each soak, while making water care easier than ever.

Ravello - 3-Person Hot Tub


The last model on our list is the stunning Ravello™️, a premium model boasting the perfect mix of features for an unforgettable session each time you step into the water.

This model combines a mix of hydrotherapy seats, each working to provide relief where you need it every day of the week.

Enjoy a deep tissue massage for your legs, feet, and knees with the Euphoria®️ Jet as the EcstaSeat®️ washes away back pain.

Or, settle into the lounger and enjoy a full body massage that’ll give your weary muscles the care they need to relax and recover.

To elevate the therapeutic benefits, this model boasts color-changing LED lighting for a boost of chromotherapy while setting the water aglow with the gentle hues of your choice.

Privacy Solutions For Your 3-Person Hot Tub

Privacy is one of the elements many people struggle with once they invest in a spa.

While this may not be an issue if you don’t have nearby neighbors, if you live in the city and have multi-story homes next door, this is likely something at the top of your mind.

After all, no one wants to settle into their spa for a relaxing soak only to be interrupted by nosy neighbors.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to add some extra privacy around your hot tub, ensuring your time in the water is stress-free and as relaxing as possible.

A Gazebo

If you need protection from above, a gazebo is a great solution.

With their solid roof, no one will be able to peer down into your hot tub from houses nearby.

Not only that, but this also makes it possible to enjoy a soothing soak in your spa while rain or snow falls around you while minimizing the effect it has on your water chemistry.

Additionally, there are a wide variety of ways to improve the privacy of gazebos, whether it’s through retractable privacy screens or curtains.

Plants & Shrubs

If you’re someone who enjoys having a lush garden, surrounding one or more sides of your spa with dense greenery can add a vibrant pop of color while improving your privacy.

Better yet, with the right plants, you could even add hints of aromatherapy to your sessions.

Jasmine bushes are particularly good for this since they offer ample coverage and beautifully scented flowers.

A Trellis

Another popular privacy solution is adding a trellis around two sides of your spa, adding hanging plants of climbing ivy to enhance the solitude of your space.

If you’re not someone who enjoys tending to plants, you could opt for faux hanging ivy instead, adding it to the top of the trellis and weaving it through.

Not only does this make it an effortless addition, but it’ll maintain its beautiful color even through the winter months.

A Pergola

If you like the gazebo idea but would prefer unobstructed views above, a pergola may be the perfect privacy solution for you.

Pergolas can either have interlaced wood across the top or feature a fully open design with individual beams connecting each corner.

This provides even more ways to customize the look of your space.

For a beachy escape, try draping white fabric over the top, allowing in light from above, while increasing privacy.

If your fabric is long enough, you could even use them as curtains when you require additional privacy from the side.

Alternatively, you could add some retractable privacy screens, leaving the top open to star-gaze in the evening, while drawing the screens to create a barrier around your spa.

These screens ensure you have maximum control over your privacy, keeping your spa free from clutter and only being blocked when you desire.

3-Person Hot Tubs in Millsboro, Delaware

Are you ready to embrace the hot tub life and upgrade your daily routine?

At Delaware Hot Tub Company, we want to help you bring your dream backyard to life, adding the perfect elements to cultivate the calm, relaxing retreat you’ve been wanting.

With our wide selection of Caldera Spas®️, there’s a model for every lifestyle on our showroom floor.

Whether you’re looking to create an intimate atmosphere to reconnect with your loved one or envision an aquatic playground for your family, we’ve got a model for you!

Explore our install gallery to get a sneak peek at what your space could become with the right hot tub!

Ready to dive in? Contact us, or visit our Millsboro showroom today to get started!

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