4 Best Outdoor Hot Tubs In Delaware – A Blissful Home Escape

Is your backyard due for an update?

If you’ve been looking at your outdoor space and wondering how you can give it renewed life, you’ve come to the right place!

Outdoor hot tubs can be a powerful addition to any outdoor space, adding ample allure and value to your home.

While the sheer number of options on the market is great for providing ample options, it can create a confusing landscape when it comes to choosing the right model.

That’s where we come in!

At Delaware Hot Tub Company, you’ll discover a range of premium spas at affordable prices, all featuring stunning designs, luxury jets, and captivating high-tech features!

If you’re looking for a list of stunning, affordable outdoor hot tubs that don’t compromise the quality of your experience, read on!

Below, you’ll discover four models perfect for any backyard, along with some valuable hot tub buying tips to help ensure you find the model that’s perfect for you.

Ready to take the plunge?

5 Benefits of Outdoor Hot Tubs – Beyond Muscle Relaxation

First things first: the benefits.

Hot tubs alone boast various wellness benefits ranging from relaxation and pain relief, to improved sleep and better muscle recovery.

However, when installed outdoors, those benefits get put into overdrive!

The simple act of being outside can have an astounding impact on your overall well-being, but as winter descends, days get shorter, and temperatures drop, it gets harder to coax ourselves out of our warm indoor cocoons.

Outdoor hot tubs are the easiest (and most luxurious) way to combat this, ensuring you continue soaking up all the benefits of the fresh air, right alongside those from the hydrotherapy in your spa!

Helps Combat Stress

Did you know that being outdoors around nature has been closely associated with decreased cortisol levels?

If you’re someone who’s perpetually stressed or want to find a way to help decompress after your workday, sinking into the blissful heat of your outdoor spa may be the perfect solution.

Not only will the gentle, arm compression from the water help you relax and reduce stress levels, but the fresh air and nature will compound the results.

Want to supercharge this result?

Hang or plant some aromatic plants nearby, like jasmine or lavender!

Winter Support

Vitamin D is largely absorbed directly through our skin as it’s exposed to the sun. While there are foods that have vitamin D or are fortified with it, this is a vitamin many people become deficient in during the winter months.

This is mostly due to the fact that many of us spend far fewer hours outside during the winter, and even fewer when our skin is directly exposed.

While your mind may automatically jump to adding a supplement, stepping into the warm depths of your outdoor hot tub may be a much better (and more cozy) option!

Outdoor hot tubs provide the perfect way for you to expose a large portion of your skin to the sun during the winter, without feeling the effects of the frigid temperatures.

Improved Breathing

Speaking of spending more time indoors during winter, did you know that the concentration of some pollutants in your home may be two to five times higher than those outdoors?

This can increase irritation in your respiratory system, triggering allergies or asthma more frequently.

Luckily, your outdoor hot tub offers the perfect reprieve!

Not only will it help you support your respiratory system by getting you into the fresh air, but it also welcomes you into its warm waters, helping to clear your sinuses as the steam drifts off the water.

If you want to really put this into overdrive, add some hot tub safe aromatherapy, like eucalyptus!

Enjoy Your Patio Year-Round

Your backyard is a substantial part of your home, and it’s not uncommon for it to go unused during the winter months.

If you’re looking for a way to maximize the amount of use your space gets, an outdoor hot tub goes a long way.

While it gives you a way to enjoy your backyard each and every day, it also maintains the entertainment possibilities long after the summer heat dies down.

Now, you can throw a holiday party to remember. Have guests bring their swimsuits, add some outdoor lighting, mix up some festive mocktails, and enjoy an evening under the stars with your friends and family!

Keep Your Kids Active and Away From The TV

Let’s face it: once temperatures drop in the winter, it can be challenging to keep your kids engaged without turning on the TV or firing up the iPad.

Endless hours indoors can be hard for our littles, but what if there was a way to get them outside, active, and happy?

Enter an outdoor hot tub!

With its perfectly heated water, you can whisk your kids out for a mid-winter hot tub party, playing in the bubbling waters or helping them learn how to float or tread water.

Just remember, if your kids are hopping into the spa, you’ll need to adjust the temperature to avoid the risk of overheating, ideally setting it between 95℉ and 98℉.

This becomes arguably more beneficial if you have teens and want to help them get some distance from their phones while you reconnect and spend some quality time together!

Outdoor Hot Tubs - Couple In A Hot Tub

Premium Outdoor Hot Tubs for Every Backyard

Have we caught your attention? If you’re already envisioning all the ways you could include an outdoor hot tub in your daily routine, we’re about to make it even more clear!

Here are four of our top recommendations to complement nearly any backyard space.

1. The Aventine®️ Hot Tub – A Compact Model for Small Backyards

First up is a compact model that can transform any small backyard into a dreamy oasis in minutes: the Aventine®️ hot tub!

The most captivating part of this hot tub is its unique triangular shape, ensuring it’ll make the most of your usable space, snuggly fitting into one corner of your yard.

With just enough room for two, this hot tub is sure to create an intimate retreat for you and your loved one, bringing you together to reconnect after a busy week.

Or, enjoy a solo soak as you rest and recharge, elevating your self-care routine to unforeseen heights!

Each seat features its own unique cluster of jets, providing two different massage options to target various tense muscles, while the powerful foot jet on the corner soothes aching soles.

If you’re looking for a dreamy, intimate addition to your backyard, the Aventine®️ hot tub is sure to please.

2. The Martinique®️ Hot Tub – The Perfect Spa To Update Your Deck

Did you recently add a deck to your backyard and are looking for the perfect element to tie it into your space?

The Martinique®️ hot tub is a mid-size spa with a footprint of 7’5” by 6’5”, making it perfect for pre-existing decks without requiring an excessive amount of space.

Boasting enough room for you and four of your closest friends and family, this model is perfect for entertaining without compromising on the intimacy you can enjoy during downtime with your partner.

Featuring lounge seating, you’ll pleasantly discover a full-body massage with jets targeting your shoulders, back, calves and feet.

Furthermore, every seat offers a different massage experience, making it possible to enjoy a different massage every night of the workweek!

The Martinique®️ hot tub is your one-stop shop for entertainment and relaxation.

Note: Remember, when adding a hot tub to any pre-existing structure, you’ll want to ensure it’s capable of withstanding the filled weight (including you and your guests) and is level, keeping the weight evenly distributed.

3. The Cantabria®️ Hot Tub – A Dreamy Oasis For Spacious Patios

A socialite’s ideal spa, the Cantabria®️ hot tub boasts a roomy interior with enough seating for eight adults, making it the largest model offered by Caldera Spas®️.

Featuring a luxurious lounger to lift the weight off your joints as jets massage every inch of your body, this model will have you obsessed with your new routine from the very first dip.

Throughout the spa, you’ll discover various LED lights built into the shell, transforming your water into a glowing retreat after sundown and adding a captivating layer of elegance to your outdoor space.

Outfitted with the FreshWater®️ Salt System, you’ll discover silky smooth water that stays effortlessly clear with fewer treatment products.

Best of all, this model boasts the Hot Tub Circuit Therapy Caldera Spas®️ is renowned for, with each seat targeting a specific group of muscles, ensuring every muscle in your body is treated to the same premium hydrotherapy experience.

4. The Salina®️ Hot Tub – The Ideal Spa For Family Backyard Retreat

Is your main goal to bring your loved ones together? The Salina®️ hot tub is a model designed with families in mind.

Featuring enough seating for seven adults, its open-seating design creates a spacious interior that’s perfect for relaxing and entertaining alike.

Featuring six different hydrotherapy options, you’ll enjoy a different massage nearly every day of the week, easing tense muscles no matter where they appear.

Once the weekend rolls around, you’ll love watching your kids splash around its warm depths, laughing as they make memories that’ll last a lifetime.

Along the bottom, you’ll be pleased to discover the unique Foot Ridge®️ featuring four jets, offering a powerful foot massage while its offset height keeps you firmly planted in place.

The Salina®️ hot tub is sure to be a welcome surprise you’ll fall more in love with every day.

Outdoor Hot Tubs - Woman Laughing In A Hot Tub

Hot Tub Buying Tips – How To Find Your Perfect Fit

Now that you’ve expired some new outdoor hot tubs to obsess over, it’s time to narrow down which one would be right for both your space and lifestyle.

We want you to find a model that leaves you raving, and with a few steps, discovering that perfect fit won’t be hard.

Step 1: Measure Your Space

This is possibly one of the most important steps in the hot tub buying process.

Knowing how much space you have for a spa will help ensure you don’t go falling in love with a model that simply won’t fit in your space.

While it’s true many models boast friendly footprints that work for a wide range of backyards, you’ll want to verify you’re selecting one that doesn’t leave your space crowded or make maintenance tedious by minimizing space around its edges.

Step 2: Consider Seating Options

As you’ve seen, hot tubs come in two distinct designs: open seating, or lounge seating.

Both of these spas provide a different experience.

Models featuring lounge seating generally offer one less seat compared to their similarly sized counterparts but with the added benefits of a head-to-toe massage.

Open-seating designs may not offer the same full-body experience, but they often feature seats that include jets to target the legs and maintain a spacious interior perfect for sharing.

Step 3: Explore Features

Every hot tub comes with a standard set of features built in, with higher-end models often packing the largest punch when it comes to innovation.

As you explore your options, consider which features stand out and make a list of the ones that really draw you in.

Think of things like sound systems, salt water systems, waterfalls, multi-coloured LED lighting, and adjustable jets.

Step 4: Budget and Consider Financing

If you’re thinking, “I didn’t know you could finance a hot tub,” think again!

Hot tubs are an investment, and, as such, are often able to be financed, making your dream spa much more affordable without the large upfront payment.

Before you start selecting various models to add to your list of potential spas, you’ll want to narrow down a budget, whether that be an upfront payment you’re able to make or a monthly sum that fits into your financial plan.

Shop Outdoor Hot Tub in Millsboro at Delaware Hot Tub Company

Well, we’ve come to the end of your exciting outdoor hot tub research, and we think you’re ready to drive in and start exploring these spas in person!

At Delaware Hot Tub Company, our bright showroom is filled with various models at a range of price points, ensuring finding your dream spa won’t be a challenge.

Our knowledgeable staff would be thrilled to go on this journey with you, helping you understand your options while beginning the backyard transformation you’ve been dreaming of.

Contact us today or visit our Millsboro showroom to meet with our spa experts and find a model you’ll love.

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